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Emotionally Scarred. ♡

😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫 (at Beato Angelico Building)

Mama’s birthday celebration last night ☺ (at North Park, Alabang Town Center)

#SundaySelfie ✌ (at Fairview Terraces)

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Looking fab with @jiriandesu 😂🔫 #tbt

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Looking fab with @jiriandesu 😂🔫 #tbt

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SSPJ at Van’s celebration of her “adulthood” 😄 #incomplete #lateupload (at Bahay Ni Kuya Hotel & Resort)

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Missing this kid, Gabbie, atm 😢 #tbt

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Happy 18th birthday, ching chong friend! 😄 Have an extremely crazy one!


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Silence fills up our room at night~ 📖

Name is Jhunela Rhose R. Bocala.. A.K.A Nela. 16 years of age. Born on the 18th of March 1998 in the Philippines. Raised in Jeddah, KSA. A warm-blooded Pisces. 100% Filipino. THOMASIAN.

I'm a CATHOLIC. :)

Status: SINGLE. Heart: Unfortunately, taken. ღ

I love my lil' bros, John Gabriel & Johan Daniel P. Alcantara. ♡ And I'm very proud to tell you that my BEST of friends are Gillian Charisse F. Plamenco, Kathleen J. de Torres, Sharmaigne M. Lagarde & Carl Jerome C. Callangan. :)

I love my friends very much. I will hurt you, if you try hurting them. :) I'll catch a grenade for them if I have to. ;] I swear, I can.

I like Taylor Swift & Bruno Mars. I like K-Pop, OPM & J-Rock too. :) I love Red & Purple. I'm kinda shopaholic.

Well, I'm just like all the ordinary typical girl you see everyday. Nothin' special. :) Superman, Capt. America & Batman are Love. Most of all, GOD iS LOVE.

I'm a Vampire. ;)

FOLLOWING ME won't hurt. I don't bite. ;) 'Cause I FOLLOW BACK instead. :]

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